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A restricted driving permit (RDP) is often required to acheive full reinstatement of a person's driver's license. Although a driving permit imposes certain restrictions, it does allow a person to drive to work, school, and regularly scheduled medical appointments. The RDP is beneficial because it grants you relief from the hardship of a suspended or revoked license.

Given the numerous requirements that must be met before receiving an RDP, you would do well to retain an Illinois Driver’s License Lawyer. Our law firm has successfully defended the rights of hundreds of individuals and would be honored to do the same for you.

How do I know if I am eligible for a hardship license?

In order to receive an RDP, you must be able to prove that losing your license would subject you and your family to "undue hardship."

Examples of undue hardship can include:

  • An inability to get to your job
  • An inability to take your children to school
  • An inability to get to necessary medical appointments

If the secretary of state agrees to grant you a restricted driving permit, you will have to meet further requirements, such as providing proof of insurance, paying a small issuance fee, and submitting documentation to verify your grounds for the permit. If a DUI conviction is involved, the state may require you to install a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) in your car.

Let Our Illinois Driver’s License Lawyers Help You Apply

It can be difficult to successfully obtain a hardship license, particularly without legal representation. You can maximize your chances of success in the situation by hiring an Illinois driver's license lawyer from Johnson Law Group. Our legal team includes proven defense attorneys who have experience in criminal prosecution, and we have what it takes to get results in even the most difficult cases.

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