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Proven Illinois Driver’s License Lawyers

At Johnson Law Group, we have a proven track record of success defending clients in a wide variety of cases, ranging from major traffic offenses to murder. Whatever the circumstances that led to your driving privileges being suspended or revoked, our Illinois driver's license attorneys are prepared to tackle the situation and fight to help you get back behind the wheel. Take the time now to read through some of our most recent case results to get a glimpse of the success we have achieved for our past clients. There is no guarantee of results in any case, but it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer who has previously won cases similar to your own. After reading through our results, contact us for a free case evaluation to discuss your situation and learn more about how we can help you!

    • State v. DS Not Guilty


      Our client was a critical care nurse, and her employment hours were obviously different than many of us. She met friends for dirnks, but found herself arrested for a DUI and Improper Lane after she got into an accident in the late morning. The county in which she was prosecuted is known as being very tough on DUI offenses, and was known for convicting first-time offenders, often putting them in jail too. Our client tried to prove she was sober, but could not blow hard enough into the machine for it to render a breath test. Our team got to work, and knew our client was not guilty of DUI. The accident wasn't her fault, and her medical conditions made her appear off balance. We even told the judge we wanted a jury trial at our first court appearance. Our attorneys started work, formulated a defense, and it was revealed at trial that our client had screws in her ankles from ankle surgery, that her condition affected her balance, and that she could not have blown, despite her wanting to do so, because she lacked the lung capacity after having a lung collapse long before her DUI arrest. Result: in roughly one hour, the jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty! Our client is free, her record is clean, and she has her license to this day!

    • State v. JS Not Guilty

      NOT GUILTY JURY VERDICT for Battery of a Child

      Our client worked as a local school teacher, and cared for children. One child in particular was acting out, and disturbing the rest of the children. Our client moved the child to a different chair, and it was reported that our client hit the child. The room the kids were in had a camera, and the State maintained that the video showed our client hitting the child. Our client was charged with Battery of a Child, and had everything to lose: she was a CNA, who herself was a foster child who even obtained a scholarship at one time from DCFS to attend school. After her experience in the foster system, she only wanted to be able to help kids, but if she were convicted of battering a child, this would all be over. Our team got to work, developed a trial strategy, and proceeded to a jury trial, at which our client was found Not Guilty! Because of state licensure issues after being charged, she's still working on restoring her life, but we're helping her with that, having achieved what many thought was impossible: a jury verdict of Not Guilty when a child was the victim!

    • State v. LQ Not Guilty

      Airman found Not Guilty in Sexual Assault Jury Trial

      Our client was charged in 2017 for allegations made against him by his teenage step daughter, of one count of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse, a Class 2 felony offense. Our client always claimed his innocence including testifying in his own defense during the trial, that the allegations were false and had been made during a bitter divorce with his now ex wife. After two full days of trial, the jury only took 2 ½ hours to come back with a Not Guilty verdict. Our client has spent nearly 18 years in the US Air Force and is still active duty. If he were convicted, he would not only been a convicted felon and have to register has a Sexual Offender, he would have also received a Dishonorable Discharge, loss of gun rights and loss of military benefits.

    • State v. DB - Criminal Damage to Property Case Dismissed

      Our client had a felony case already, but he wound up being charged with Criminal Damage to Property as a result of marking the metal on a vehicle (or "keying") a car. The State had everything they needed: the damage itself, a witness to our client doing it, and even a video of our client. To make matters even worse, our client confessed to doing it. Our client's case seemed hopeless, especially because of the confession. Then he hired us, and we got to work attacking the evidence in the case, including the video and the manner in which our client supposedly confessed. Result: a few motion hearings later, and the case was dismissed entirely!

    • State v. TB - Felony Probation

      Our client was charged with a Class 3 felony Theft offense after she and others allegedly entered into a conspiracy to collect tens of thousands of dollars from a woman's bank account. The case seemed airtight, and entirely hopeless. Then we were hired: we formulated a strategy to demonstrate that our client was an unwitting participant in the entire affair, and that she had been no part of any conspiracy, despite the State's assertions to the contrary. It didn't help when our client was arrested again involving felony drug possession while our case was pending, but we put the strategy to work, enhancing it by adding the need for drug treatment given her new arrest. Result: our client sat in jail pending trial less than one month, and was given probation and time served! We also avoided a new felony drug charge entirely!

    • Taylor K. - Underage Drinking Suspension Reversed to RDP

      For those readers who do not know, the Secretary of State is authorized to suspend a person's driver's license when he or she is under 21 and they receive information—any information (police report alone is sufficient & no conviction or even charge is required)—that the person possessed a fake ID. SOS assumes the fake ID was possessed so that the underage person could obtain and/or use alcohol. This suspension is longer than had the underage person been caught drinking, and been convicted! When our client first contacted us, she had already received her notice of suspension, and it was set to begin soon. Getting her a Restricted Driving Permit (or "RDP") was not going to be easy: she was caught with the ID of her sister, who looked like her, was at an underage drinking party, ran from police, reeked of alcohol, and even urinated on herself once she was caught by police, in addition to admitting she had drunk and was only 19 years-old. After these suspensions, the Secretary of State can make getting an RDP tough, to say the least. We knew they would question her drinking, and we had her obtain an evaluation after talking to an evaluator. She did, and she did great in it. We prepped her for a hearing in multiple installments, and the result was an RDP after a single hearing that went into effect just after her suspension took effect! Had she come to us sooner, we might have spared her having a suspension at all, but we're glad she's back on the road, still going to school and working full-time.

    • 3rd DUI with Child Under 16 in Vehicle Charges Reduced

      The client came to our office after being disappointed with his lawyer and while fighting his 3rd DUI which involved a child under 16 in the vehicle and where the defendant blew twice the legal limit. When JLG entered into the case it had already been ongoing for over a year and the offer was and had been 4 years prison and a $25,000 fine, not to mention all of the other conditions like probation, treatment, and community service. After being in the case and appearing at only 2 court dates JLG was able to convince the State to amend the charge to reflect that no child under 16 was in the vehicle, and to reduce the fine from $25,000 to only $1,000. Not only did we save our client $24,000 in fines, but we were able to agree to have our client do just 90 days in jail as opposed to the 4 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. Another win for JLG and our client!

    • Ben K. Full Reinstatement

      Our client had tried to get reinstated on his own, but failed. When he did, there were all kinds of awful findings made by the Secretary of State, among them that he was incredible—meaning that he was a liar. There were lots of issues we had to deal with. So, we got to work. We coordinated with his evaluator as well as him to make sure everything was 100%, and sat down to prepare several times. After just one hearing, he was so credible, so good, and so ready that nothing they asked him tripped him up. Although they will usually make someone have an RDP after a denial, we got our client fully reinstated in a single hearing, because it was that obvious that we proved our case.

    • Bob F. (Out-of-State) - 4 DUIs Out-of-State Reinstatement

      Bob had been revoked for more than a decade. He had been revoked so long that he followed his job out-of-state, and had moved years before. Working on an out-of-state petition can always be a daunting task, but our client's petition was that much harder, because he had 4 DUI's, not to mention several alcohol-related criminal offenses. Yet somehow was categorized as only being Significant Risk, and wasn't considered to be an alcoholic. (This made matters harder for us, because many people are diagnosed as Significant Risk after only 2 DUI's, and virtually never will someone with 4 DUI's not be considered an alcoholic.) We knew the Secretary of State would doubt his diagnosis, and assume he had to be an alcoholic. We coordinated both with him and his out-of-state treatment provider. Dealing with out-of-state treatment providers is difficult, but his was one of the most difficult we've seen before. In the end, we put everything together, drafted an expert petition, and submitted it. Result: in a shorter time than anyone expected, he was fully reinstated, and is back on the road! Out-of-state petitions can seem daunting, but working with our team made it happen for him!

    • Bob K. - DUI Conviction Full Reinstatment

      Our client had been revoked for years after his DUI convictions. He had never gone to a hearing, and was afraid to. The reason is that even after his convictions, he had continued to drink for years following already being diagnosed as an alcoholic. He was embarrassed, and didn't know how to get his license back. We explained the process, the need to be fully prepared, and the fact that he couldn't be embarrassed about his history, because our best choice was to own it. He took our advice, we got him evaluated, and he committed to doing the work to get ready for his hearing. After years of being revoked, we got him fully reinstated after just one hearing!

    • Brent B.- Reckless Homicide & Aggravated DUI Convictions Full Reinstatement of License (After 1 Hearing)

      Brent was convicted of Reckless Homicide due to having T-boned a motorcyclist while blowing through a stop sign in the country. A year or so after that, Brent was convicted of Aggravated DUI and his driver's license was revoked. We were retained a couple of years later for the daunting task of getting his Driver's License back. We spent a ton of time with document preparation and re-preparation. We also spent a lot of time preparing and rehearsing our client's testimony. Miraculously, our guy was approved by the Secretary of State to drive again after the very first hearing. This result amazes me to this very day.

    • Driving With A Suspended License Charges Reduced

      Our client was driving at a time his license was suspended and was stopped for speeding. To make matters worse, police discovered cocaine in the car, resulting in our client facing felony charges as well as the traffic offenses. Because of our client's significant criminal history that included drug offenses, the State would have been more than happy with a lengthy prison sentence. However, we were able to talk the State into agreeing to probation and 90 days jail, instead of the prison sentence they originally wanted! Unfortunately, our client decided to hire another attorney because he did not want to serve any time, and, unfortunately with this other attorney, he was sentenced to more than one year in prison. The lesson here is when you hire the best, stick with the best.

    • Felony PTR & DUI Case Dismissed

      Our client very narrowly avoiding going to prison for a long time on his Class 3 Forgery case, because we were able to convince a judge that he deserved a shot at probation at a sentencing hearing. 3 months later, a Petition to Revoke (or "PTR") was filed seeking to resentence our client on the felony case, because he was arrested on a DUI as well as a Driving While License Suspended offense. (A felony PTR is judged using a very low civil standard burden of proof, even though it is filed in a criminal case, and this makes them almost impossible to beat.) To make matters worse, our client could have been charged with a felony DUI because his license was suspended at the time of the offense. Obviously, our focus had to be on both beating a felony PTR, so that we avoid prison and beating the DUI, so that our client did not wind up having his driver's license revoked. We formulated a strategy to beat the cases, and in less than a year, were successful: both the felony PTR and the DUI were dismissed entirely! Our client never went to prison, much less served any jail time, and his license is not revoked!

    • Joel P. - DUI Conviction Full Reinstatement

      Our client had been revoked for years after being convicted of DUI. To make matters worse, he also had prior offenses involving drugs and alcohol as well that dated back to the 1990's. Our client was considered an alcoholic with a non-traditional support program, which the Secretary of State judges very carefully. It had been years since his DUI conviction, but he had treatment documents dating back a couple of decades. The biggest problem was that none of his documents said the same thing, and different information was contained in each that made getting him prepared to be cross-examined at a hearing very difficult. We met in person several times. In the end, he was ready for every question he was asked, and he knew how to answer those questions. We got him fully reinstated in record time, because he as well as us put in the work to get prepared for our hearing!

    • Joseph I. - Underage Drinking RDP Granted

      Joseph was under 21, and was caught red-handed by police possessing and consuming alcohol under age. He also had a fake ID on him, which he got online. The Secretary of State will suspend anyone under 21 who possesses a fake ID, because they assume the person had it to drink. Under the circumstances of our client's case found with alcohol and drinking under 21, they would be right. Our client was smart though, and he followed our advice. He got an evaluation, explained what happened the day of, and we then began preparing for a hearing. He was not used to being grilled with questions the way that the Secretary of State does it, and we had to prepare more than once. We went to a hearing, and obtained an Restricted Driving Permit (or "RDP") for him after a single hearing! Thanks to us making sure he was fully prepared, he was able to keep his job, and stay in school.

    • Juan R. - DUI Full Reinstatment

      Our client was a veteran, who, because of his service, suffered from several mental health conditions, including PTSD. After he left the service and before realizing he had problems, he began drinking more, and wound up getting convicted of a DUI. An evaluator determined that he was not an alcoholic, but his hearing was going to be difficult. The Secretary of State will question any petitioner very aggressively, just as a prosecutor might do in court. As a result of his PTSD, being questioned aggressively was something that could set our client off the deep end, resulting in possibly terrible consequences. We always prepare as many times as is required, and that was nowhere as true here. After making sure our client was fully prepared, we went to our hearing, and the Secretary of State gave him an RDP (or "Restricted Driving Permit") so that he could go to work and school, because his mental health diagnoses—and his dealing with them—were fairly recent. After just 9 months of him driving on an RDP, our client was fully reinstated, and is now married on his way to graduating.

    • Julian G. - Reckless Homicide License Privileges Reinstated

      Our guy had a bunch of misdemeanors, DUI(s), drug charges and had been involved in an accident that killed another motorist and as a result of all of his priors, he suffered from a revoked driver's license. Julian was a self-employed carpet installer and he absolutely needed his DL back so that he could make a living and put food on the table. Although, we pride ourselves in doing DL Hearings right the first time, sometimes cases can be extremely complicated and this was one of those. Despite our strong efforts, we barely missed the mark at the first hearing because our guy was nervous and misspoke at the hearing to such an extent that we were not able to rehabilitate the record. However, shortly after the first hearing, we petitioned for a second hearing and prepped our guy numerous times before going and it worked like a charm and we succeeded in getting our guys DL privileges reinstated. Although we obtain DL relief at the 1st hearing most of the time, we cannot be successful at the 1st hearing 100% of the time.

    • Kevin C. - Violating RDP Full Reinstatement

      Kevin had been revoked for a couple of decades. He never needed to drive, because he could always rely on his wife to drive him everywhere he needed to go. More than 20 years after he was revoked, his wife developed several life-threatening medical problems. He knew he needed help, and he needed to get reinstated as soon as possible. We made sure he was ready, then went to a hearing, after which he was granted an RDP. As soon as he was ready, we went back for full reinstatement, but there was one problem: he admitted to driving outside of the limitations on his Restricted Driving Permit (or "RDP") more than once. This alone is a basis for a denial. Had he gone with another lawyer or law firm, he would have walked out empty handed, but he came to us. He was ready to answer their questions, and his hearing went otherwise great. He was fully reinstated, despite admitting to violating the terms of his RDP!

    • Lucas K. - RDP Cancelled Full Reinstatement

      Lucas's situation seemed hopeless. More than a year ago, he came to us after being revoked for years. He was a small business owner, and really needed his driver's license. We worked together, and made sure he was prepared for his hearing. The Secretary of State gave him a Restricted Driving Permit (or "RDP") because he was an alcoholic, who had not been sober that long. RDP's in Illinois require that the driver have a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (or "BAIID") installed. Our client drove on his RDP a while, but soon relapsed at a holiday celebration, at which he tried to move his car for a friend who had to leave. When he tried to start his car, he had to blow into his BAIID, and blew a 0.06. We advised him how to respond to the Secretary of State. Not surprisingly, they cancelled his RDP because of the blow, which usually means they will make a person have another RDP before being fully reinstated. We geared up for a new hearing, which we knew would be difficult. We got to work getting ready with a new evaluation, treatment, and continued support from AA as well as other programs in which he was involved, and—most importantly—we prepared our client for what he would be asked. After that hearing, our client was fully reinstated! He did not have to have another RDP with a BAIID, and his business is doing better than ever.

    • Mr. B - Reckless Homicide & Aggravated DUI Driving Privileges Reinstated

      Client lost his DL as a result of conviction for Reckless Homicide in 2010. Our lawyers knew it would be difficult to convince the secretary of state to restore our client's driver's license privileges so we put together a comprehensive plan as to how to go about restoring Mr. B's driving privileges and we were able to convince the government to provide our client with driving privileges after the very first hearing. Approximately two years later, our client was arrested for a felony aggravated DUI, and the secretary of state re-revoked his driving privileges. After wrapping up the aggravated DUI case, we were again confronted with the daunting task of pursuing the reinstatement of our client's driving privileges. In 2012, we attended an initial hearing and requested that our client's privileges to drive be restored. Although we were met with a great deal of reluctance and resistance, we obtained the restoration of our client's driving privileges at the very first hearing.

    • Nathan F. (Out-of-State) - DUI Conviction Reinstated through Out-of-State Packet

      Nathan moved out of the State of Illinois years ago, and had not driven since his DUI conviction here in Illinois. Because he was an Illinois driver with an Illinois driver's license, he had to petition the State of Illinois in order to get his driver's license back. Out-of-state treatment providers can be awful, and that was nowhere as hard as it was here. Our client's evaluator gave him an abysmal evaluation that did not even make sense: it contained inconsistencies and little useful information, and would likely be rejected by the Secretary of State. We coordinated with his evaluator, explained everything that had to be included in the evaluation, and the evaluator eventually gave us what we needed. Our troubles weren't over, however, because our client's prior documents were a mess as well. We very carefully drafted our client's petition, and submitted it to the Secretary of State. In less time than most, our client was fully reinstated!

    • People v. NH - Driving Felony Case Dismissed

      Johnson Law Group was retained to represent an individual that was stopped by police at a time when his license was revoked for DUI. To make matters worse he had two prior convictions for driving while his license was suspended or revoked. When JLG got into the case the State was out for blood as they were seeking a felony conviction, jail time, probation and excessive fines and fees. Generally, the goals for someone stuck in this position are to receive some sort of a knockdown or amendment to a misdemeanor offense. JLG set its sights much higher and didn’t stop fighting until the State entirely dismissed the case. Ultimately, our client was able to walk free from this incident, and most importantly without a conviction on his record, whether a felony or misdemeanor.